E-Mail Listing C-F


  Bill                                      Cain bcain1@carolina.rr.com 793 Charlotte NC Marine Corps
  Waynard E Caldwell WECVET@AOL.COM 1104 Roanoke VA Army
  Byron Callies econprof48@hotmail.com 773 Watertown SD Army
  James Carbaugh jimcarbaugh@centurylink.net 899 Avon Park FL Army
  David Carlson david.carlson@charter.net 88 Ellensburg WA Army
  Allen Carney acinpcola@gmail.com 1571 Pensacola FL Navy
  Will Carney carneywp@gmail.com 365 San Jose CA Army
  Correspondant Voiture 365          
  Richard Carpino rmcarpino@clearwire.net 282 Lodi CA Navy
  Been through all chairs and Chef de Gare twice 2001-2002 / 2004-2005        
  Lyle Carstens Lylecars10s@aol.com 96 Spokane WA Navy
  "A.D." Carter III Alford@erols.com 380 Bristow VA Navy
  Correspondant Locale Voiture #380 Bull Run Virginia        
  David G.  Cash dcash0012002@yahoo.com 1052 Rock Hill SC  Navy
  Grande Lampiste du South Carolina          
  Timothy Cavanaugh tvc924@gmail.com 2000 North Haven CT Air Force
  Grand Correspondant / 1985-1995 * 1996-2001 // Grand Chef de Gare - 1995  Sous Directeur National Organizers 1992-1994  
  Robert Cearlock cearlock@aol.com 516 Mt. Vernon IL Navy
  Brian Cecil bcecil@bellsouth.net 1067 Hanahan SC Navy
  Chef De Train. Locale (2006 - 2008), Grand Cheminot        
  James Chandler pappytherebel@comcast.net 14 Bellefonte PA Army
  Ray Chapman chapman-123@msn.com 954 Cocoa FL Air Force
  Ronald Chapman Rchap@fuse.net 105 Willaimsburg OH Air Force
  Wayne Chatfield whiskeycharlie2503@yahoo.com 35 Phoenix AZ Air Force
  Chef de Gare            
  Milton Chatham ccsam@sbcglobal.net 163 Beaumont TX Air Force
  Paul Chevalier Jr. paulchevy@gmail.com 542 Lakehills TX Air Force
  Lance Christensen buglerchristensen@yahoo.com 523 Golden   Army
  Bill Christesen WEC747@yahoo.com 1510 Overland Park KS Navy
  Bob Christopher jrchris1702@gmail.com 364 Lafayette IN Army
   National Treasurer Carville Star Grand Directeur Carville Star IN        
  Walter (Wally) Ciokajlo Jr. Wallyciok@aol.com 601 Brook Park OH Navy
   Sous Chef de Chemin de Fer 2004/2005        
  John Clapp seabeejc1@comcast.net 99 Vancouver WA Navy
  Cabot Clark pillguy@yahoo.com 80 Eugene OR Army
  Its an honor to serve with like minded brothers.        
  Jay Clark j.j.clark@comcast.net 135 Gig Harbor WA Army
  Raymond Clark Sr. rayclarksr@aol.com 269 Middletown PA Navy
  Jim Clements jimclements@cox.net 527 Rancho Santa Margarita CA Navy
  James Cole roseajay@yahoo.com 899 Sebring FL Army
  Jay A. Collars jaycol@juno.com 1120 Indianapolis IN Air Force
  Long time out of the loop.  Hope to hear from other Voyageurs        
  Bradlee Collmar bradleecollmar@yahoo.com 1242 Coshocton OH Army
  Rick Conn rickconn@bellsouth.net 499 Grayson GA Navy
  Moderator, 40&8 yahoo group          
  Edward Connell edandmary1@verizon.net 5 Pittsburg PA Air Force
  Tom Conway toma406@hotmail.com 734 Argyle MN Army
  Frank Conover azeka@webtv.net 128 Highland Park NJ Marines
  Bert Coon bac1339@gmail.com 92 Whitesboro NY Army
  National Child Welfare Club Treasurer          
  Ron Cookson r_cookson@msn.com 463 Plattsburgh NY Air Force
  Chef de Gare 2008-2009          
  Ernie Cooper flagman3924@gmail.com 1510 Olathe KS Navy
  Sous Chef de Chemin de Fer 2004          
  Joseph A. Correia Jr. madjoemax@aol.com 577 Dartmouth MA Navy
  Red Costa redcosta@hotmail.com 1297 Aberdeen Proving Ground MD Air Force
  Sous Dir. VAVS - State Homes          
  Norman Covert nmcovert77@aol.com 155 Frederick MD Army
  Fred     Craigie fcraigie@windstream.net 103 Lincoln NE Marine Corps
  Grand Chef de Gare 1998, Cheminot Nationale 1999, Grand Correspondant        
  Frank Cramer fcramer@sbcglobal.net 729 Anderson IN Navy
  Aumonier National          
  Keith Crawford kcrawford4@cfl.rr.com 601 Deltona, FL GR Army
  John Cross jcross4030@aol.com 1145 Bonaire GA Navy
  Sous Chef de Chemin de Fer 98          
  Garland Crook garcrook@ndsupernet.com 696 Dickinson ND Army
  Jesse J Cumbee Jr. jjcumbee@aol.com 974 Hanahan SC Navy
  Sous Directeur Nationale Child Welfare          
  Paul Curtis pncurtis@specialty-info.com 527 Newport Beach CA Navy
  Sous Dir PR Area VI; Past Commander Post 291, Newport Beach, CA        
  Joseph  Curtis joseph.a.curtis@us.army.mil 1172 Liberty NC Army
  George Cushing gcushing@cox.net 1154 Surprie AZ Air Force
  Robert Darr robmar68@bex.net 141 Toledo OH Marine Corps
  Grande du Ohio VAVS Directeur 2009-2010        
  Howard Darter hldarte@pacbell.net 527 Laguna CA Marines
  In service to all in need of Disaster Relief.        
  John Davis embedder1@yahoo.com 604 Waukegan IL Navy
  Correspondant for V-604          
  Larry Dearborn dearbornlarry@verizon.net 308 Richmond ME Army
  Member since 85.  Also Past Dept Cmdr AL Maine 98/99         
  Cary Deeter admin@fl40and8.org 1606 Panama City FL Army
  webmaster www.fl40and8.org          
  Jorge Del Manzano delmanzanoja@aol.com 294 Daytona Beach   Army
  Glen DeLoach gjdeloach@yahoo.com 1153 Monro  MI Navy
  John DeMoss johndemoss@wildblue.net 1588 Haughton LA Air Force
  Alan Denman alancdenman@yahoo.com 175 Austin TX Air Force
  add a place for web page url start a 40 and 8 web ring        
  David  Diaz cuttersnip@aol.com 38 St. Louis MO Army
  Alvin  Diaz eightbits37@hotmail.com 1539 Kenai AK Navy
  John Dickenson jdickinson9@cs.com 206 Omaha NE Marine Corps
  Just checking in. Good to see a web page for the 40/8.        
  Ronald Diebold dadiebold2002@yahoo.com 476 Amherst NY Army
  John T Diglio Jr ChefJohnDigilio@aol.com 713 Bay Shore NY Army
  Chef de Chemin de Fer 2003          
  Steven Dircks SALCOMM1@aol.com 415 St. Cloud MN Marine Corps
  Grande Minnesota BoxCar Directeur 2009        
  George W. Dixon Jr. gdixonjr197@yahoo.com 1203 Redding CA Navy
  Past Grand Sous Medicin, Past Chef de Gare V-1203 Locale        
  Roger Donegan redfez91@msn.com 1305 Cedar Rapids IA Navy
  Only 40/8 business          
  Joe Donovan jdonovan4660@hotmail.com 1406 Oceanside CA Navy
  Jimmy Dorazio oldyaker@yahoo.com 676 Washington PA Army
  Locale Correspondant          
  Lee Dorman LeDorman@JPS.net 527 Fountain Valley CA Navy
  Walter Dotson paladin@intouchmi.com 1536 Lapeer  MI Army
  Gary Dotzauer bgdotz@earthlink.net 1080 Fredonia WI Marine Corps
  Cheminot Nationale / Grande Chef de Gare 1997-1998        
  Paul Douglass pdougla2@twcny.rr.com 554 Canastota NY Marine Corps
  Sous Chef de Chemin de Fer 2009          
  Robert Dowell rdowell@solae.com 1251 Renssalear IN Army
  Philip Drum drumson2@yahoo.com 344 Springfield IL Army
  Locale Chef passe, Commander Nat'l color guard 1996-2000        
  Raymond Duffy cheminot@aol.com 135 Shelton WA Navy
  Pete Duncan f0c3f7@aol.com 109 Moorpark CA Marine Corps
  Thomas Dunnington texdunn@aol.com 235 Robbinsville NJ Army
  Grande chef De garde 2000-2001          
  Dwight R.  Dupey Dupeydwightr@aol.com 44 Forest Lake MN Marine Corps
  Grande Chef de Gare          
  Larry  Eary larryeary1942@yahoo.com 980 Willis TX Army
  Locale 980 / Aumonier -- Grande TX / POW MIA        
  David Eby daveby@pacific.net 1504 Fortuna CA Army
  Best Wrecking Crew on the West Coast.          
  Verne Eccleston vernecc@cass.net 997 Britton MI Air Force
  Chef de Chemin de Fer - 1999           
  Leonard Edus lgex99@msn.com 534 Watertown NY Navy
  Bill Edwards bill_ewards@cox.net 2000 Centerton AR Army
  EuGene A. Eichler a2cike@juno.com 1400 Charlotte NC Air Force
  Great JOB, Done!!!!!!!          
  Dick  Elling rik6023@prodigy.net 44 Forest Lake MN Army
  Richard Elling saseafrats@yahoo.com 44 Forest Lake MN Army
  John Ellingson johncellingson@comcast.net 96 Spokane WA Air Force
  Tom Eltman teltman@live.com 713 Philadelphia NY Army
  Keep Supporting the Flag Amendment          
  Donald  Emley bopabear37@charter.net 1204 Antigo WI Marine Corps
  Grand Chef de Gare 2006-2007, Souls Chef de Chemin de Fer 2011, President 96th Promenade Nationale Corp.    
  Sherrie Emmons fortyandeightiola@yahoo.com 335 Iola KS Army
  Our email for LaFemmes and Voyageurs          
  Daryl Endsley po_po_1@msn.com 58 Wichita KS Army
  Jim Engels jimengels@roadrunner.com 622 Yuma  AZ Navy
  Sous Chef de Chemin de Fer 2016-2017          
  Edmund Erdos EErdos@aol.com 44 Forest Lake MN Marine Corps
  Locale Correspondant          
  James Erb jweeagle@wmconnect.com 836 Chicora PA Navy
  need more news on the 40/8 to keep voiture informed        
  Richard Eskew rchsq@qwest.net 766 Boulder CO Navy
  Dan  Evers legionpost46@q.com 153 Woodburn OR Air Force
  Sous Directeur Americanism          
  Wayne Faber Lmfaber@aol.com 856 Lomira WI Army
  Alfred W. Fellows aljoted@cableone.net 251 Gulfport MS Navy
  Vern  Fetch vfetch@bis.midco.net 291 Bismarck ND Navy
  Correspondant V-291          
  Stanley Fimowicz Butchie1A@aol.com 365 San Jose  CA Army
  POW/MIA Director for California          
  Roger D. Finger Sr. amvetspost698@yahoo.com 154 Van Wert OH Navy
  Robert Fischer oklahomafischers@sbcglobal.net 1298 Norman OK Air Force
  Great Org, been a member since early 70's        
  Robert (Bob) Fisher bobfish2@cox.net 169 Yukon OK Army
  Kennon Fisk majorkenf@aol.com 97 Aurora CO Army
  John Fleming pastcmdr.fleming@gmail.com 1496 France   Army
  Larry Fogleman lfogleman001@triad.rr.com 1136 High Point NC Navy
  Bernard Foley bernieandconnie@101freeway.com 394 Perris CA Navy
  Grand Chef de Gare 2003-2005 Cheminot Nat 04-05        
  Daniel Foley dano2z@hotmail.com 1268 Richland Center WI Army
  Gordie Foley gordiefoly@aol.com 104 Azusa CA Air Force
  Sous National Director Carville Star and Grand du California Director Carville Star        
  Robert "Scooter" Foster rjfoster@yahoo.com 145 Indianapolis IN Army
  L'Editeur Nationale Passe  Retired US Army          
  Robert  Foster pfalcon@bright.net 487 Greenville OH Air Force
  "I like the 40&8 because of the guys you run into and the friends I have made, some of which I have only met on the net. When in Greenville stop in and say hello at Post 140."
  Kenneth Foucart KFOUCART@AOL.COM 382 Williamsport PA Navy
  Pa. grand Disaster Relief Directeur          
  James Fowler jfowler100@hot.rr.com 1031 Killeen TX Army
  John Fox kayutafox@aim.com 92 Remsen NY Air Force
  V-92 Home of the NYS Merci Boxcar          
  Larry Francq lrfrancq@hotmail.com 786 Baldwin City KS Navy
  Locale Correspondant          
  William Frangquist frangquist@aol.com 604 Lake Forest IL Army
  National Sous Director Public Relations          
  Donna Fransen-Miller fransen.miller@gmail.com 201 Harvey LA Air Force
  Robert Freeland rjfreeland@juno.com 510 Pendleton IN Army
  Ross Freeman rossfreeman@myfairpoint.net 1024 Winterport ME Air Force
  Grande Correspondant          
  Gary "Sarge"  Fyfe garyfyfe@verizon.net 612 Bloomington IL Army