E-Mail Listing N-R 


  Robert "Bob" Nagle bobbev41@yahoo.com 266 Killeen TX Army
  Past Grand Chef 1997, Past Sous Chef de Chemin de Fer 1998        
  Andrew W Nagy grandvavsfl@yahoo.com 218 Zephyrhills FL Army
  National Sous Director VAVS 1998-2004          
  Tom Narramore narramoret@aol.com 336 Mountain Home ID Air Force
  Jim Nealis jnealis@chsmail.org 955 Muncie IN Navy
  Beryl Neer budn@icdc.com 929 Telford Pa Army
  Correspondant Locale, Past Grand Chef, Grand Directeur Boxcar, See V-929 webpages at http://www.icdc.com/~budn/index1.htm  
  John Neger jneger@kc.rr.com 3 Kansas City MO Marine Corps
  Correspondant Locale Trois and Past Chef de Gare Locale        
  Mitchell Newell newell_mitchell@yahoo.com 37 Fort Wayne IN Air Force
  Marvin Newland newlandm@sbcglobal.net 843 Spencer IN Air Force
  Otha Newton memoriesRforeva@aol.com 86 Norfolk VA Navy
  National Photographe and Grand Director Car        
  David Nichols crane479@yahoo.com 1535 Romney WV Army
  Grande Chef 2010-2011          
  Silas Noel silasnoel@yahoo.com 1276 Frankfort KY Marine Corps
  CHEF de CHEMIN de FER - 2001          
  Joseph Nolan joenolan@clearwire.net 215 Jacksonville Beach FL Army
  Grand Correspondant du Florida          
  Tom Norris tbnorris@cableone.net 2000 Pocatello ID Army
  Home Page: http://members.xoom.com/norristh1/40and8V451.htm        
  Dave Null kitnkiss@t-online.de 1524 Kutzberg GER Army
  ": Hi folks, I'm still alive. Locale Chef Passe, Sady for life, PG (maybe later)."        
  John Odom, Sr jhlolilbro@aol.com 1467 Mannheim Germany Army
  Kenneth M. Oestreich hawk8275@yahoo.com 522 Highmore SD Army
  I am the son of the other Ken. I served in Iraq, and retired 2006.         
  Kenneth R. Oestreich mmpremu@yahoo.com 522 Highmore SD Army
  Sous Dir NBCA Passe, Grand Dir NBCA, Grand Chef Passe        
  Rick Oertel adj.post284@verizon.net 1530 Colonial Heights VA Army
  Chef de Gare 2010-11          
  Michas Ohnstad michasohnstad@yahoo.com 1281 North Branch MN Army
  Roger  Oleson roger36@charter.net 986 Shawano WI Army
  Grand Chef 2001            
  Steve  Oller SWO48@msn.com 419 Safford AZ Army
  Medic 4th Inf Div RVN 68-69          
  Preston Olson appiolsson@gmail.com 180 Sioux Falls SD Navy
  John  Orberson JOrberson@aol.com Louisville KY Army  
  Grande Directeur Public Relations du Kentucky        
  Craig Ortwerth cortwerth@gmail.com 974 Charleston SC Army
  Thomas Orval wigrandvoiture@tds.net 750 Johnson Creek WI Army
  Grand Correspondant          
  Bob  Ostenfeld bobostenfeld@comcast.net 1610 St. Augustine FL Air Force
  Roy  Ouren Rouren@charter.net 1413 Willmar MN Army
  H.  Ownby hkownby@aol.com 1496 Plano, TX FR Air Force
  Avocat Nationale Passe, Grand Chef du France, Cheminot-Grande du France        
  Charlie  Palmer crpalmer@gci.net 1098 Anchorage AK Air Force
  1098 Correspondant             
  Steve  Palmer sasbpalmer@gmail.com 766 Boulder CO Navy
  Grande Chef de Gare 2014 - 2015          
  James Palsrok jepalsrok@yahoo.com 1161 Pollock Pines California Marine Corps
  Sous Chef de Chemin de Fer Area VI 2004, Grand Chef de Gare 2003          
  John Partin partin@charter.net 38 St. Louis MO Navy
  Eugene Paul eugenepaul605@aol.com 9 Red Lion  PA Navy
  Richard Paul richthe3@webtv 547 Hammond OR Navy
  I want to have Merci Boxcar directeurs contact me about their Boxcars.         
  Youmbert (Bob) Payne bopay@att.net 335 Iola KS Army
  Bonnie Pearson pearson.bonnie26@yahoo.com 1398 Carmi IL Air Force
  John Penman john.s.penman@gmail.com 435 Greenwood SC Army
  Robert Pennington robpenn5646@hotmail.com 1581 Broken Arrow OK Army
  John(Jack) D. Pepin jwpepin@omniglobal.net 1055 Junction TX Army
  Locale Chef de Gare 1999-2004, Small Locale, working hard to grow. VAVS Rep to Kerrville VA Hosp. Wrecked in Germany at Locale 1467 Kaiserslautern 1992
  Matt Perry JaqueQ@comcast.net 1067 Goose Creek SC Navy
  Richard W Perry epavon@theriver.com 987 Tombstone AZ Air Force
  Rick Perry Xterminator303@wmconnect.com 1534 Albuquerque NM Air Force
  John Peterson john_v_peterson@yahoo.com 153 Salem OR Air Force
  7701 SE Sky Vista Drive;  Amity, Oregon 97101-2704        
  Michael Peterson mpete_v541@yahoo.com 541 Clearwater FL Army
  Ronald  Pfalzgraf rjpfalz@powerweb.net 856 Mayville WI Navy
  Donald  Phillippe drphillippe@comcast.net 510 Anderson IN Army
  Lee  Phillips leep777@comcast.net 99 Vancouver WA Marine Corps
  Robert Phillips tibo5635@charter.net 1541 Wentzville  MO Marine Corps
  Grand Chef de Gare Passe'          
  Bruce Phipps phippsbruce@gmail.com 735 Cleveland TN Air Force
  Grande Chef 2007-2008          
  Lawrence Pickett larrypickett1950@gmail.com 966 Hannibal   Army
  James Pierce af-sarge@galaxycable.net 1015 Syracuse NE Air Force
  Michael Pietz mapietz@comcast.net 1467 Germany GER Air Force
  "home: Rolling Meadows, IL"          
  Lewis Pleasants lewispleasants@yahoo.com   Winston Salem NC Marine Corps
  Antone (Tony) Pochon pushininc@bellsouth.net 1411 Pascagoula MS Navy
  Sous Directeur Membership Nationale          
  Allan Prange aprange62@hotmail.com 410 Kenosha WI Army
  Ken Preston Sr hoboken40@roadrunner.com 487 Greenville OH Navy
  Past Nationale Directeur Child Welfare/Grande Avocat Ohio        
  Lee Preston andrea.preston@t-online.de 1524 Niederwerrn GER Army
  Nickolis Pulver NPULVER@CASS.NET 1153 Deerfield MI Air Force
  Kenneth Queen kcqueen1@cox.net 1466 Mesa AZ Air Force
  Rich Queen saigonwarrior@columbus.rr.com 15 Columbus OH Army
  Commissaire Intendant           
  David Rabius vndavid@aol.com 612 Indianapolis IN Air Force
  Richard Radice radice@bellsouth.net 1718 Columbia SC Army
  Correspondant Voiture 1025 South Carolina        
  George Radovich georgerado@comcast.net 135 Shelton WA Air Force
  2011-2012 Chef de Gare          
  Richard E. Raines grand_correspondant@charter.net 1187 Candler NC Army
  Passe Grande Chef de Gare 2004 and Grande Correspondant 2010        
  John "Jack" Ranck jranck@neo.rr.com 1182 Warren OH Air Force
  Grand Directeur de POW/MIA, Aide de Camp        
  Burnell (Bernie) Rau bernrau@gmail.com 141 Toledo OH Air Force
  Harley Ray hray38@comcast.net 727 Albany OR Army
  Sous Membership Director          
  Harold Ray nanammr4@aol.com 1598 Ocklawaha FL Army
  Sous Directeur-Child Welfare          
  Howard Ray hray@sat.rr.com 542 San Antonio TX Army
  Cheminot 3rd Div/Sous Dir Natl. Past Chef de Gare Club        
  Gerald A. Reblin floatingbear@netzero.net 102 Detroit MI Air Force
  Donald Reed V1466DR@aol.com 1466 Chandler AZ Army
  Grand Correspondant Grand du Arizona          
  Billy Joe Reid reidbj60@yahoo.com 755 Rensselaer IN Marine Corps
  Clarence Reinhart rhino139@sbcglobal.net 751 Neenah WI Army
  Kenneth Reisenweber kenreisenweber408@gmail.com 1012 Huntsville AL Army
  Gary L Reno greno001@kc.rr.com 1379 Kearney MO Army
  Chairman&Founder Missouri POW/MIA Scholarship Fund        
  Jim Renton jlr@carbonates.com 99 Vancouver WA Marine Corps
  Marie Rhyne marty@valegion.net 380 Woodbridge VA Army
  PUFL member, Retired Army Reserve, Heavy involvement in state and national Legion business    
  Ray Rhyne rayrhyne@aol.com 380 Woodbridge VA Army
  PUFL member. Interested in artifacts of WW I and II        
  Dave  Rice commander@tristateveterans.com 240 Faro ND Navy
  Marland Rice norma@peak.org 727 Albany MD Air Force
  D.R. Richards dr1020@aol.com 215 Edgewater FL Air Force
  John  Richards shipyardguy@cableone.net 1411 Pascagoula MS Navy
  Chef de Gare V1411 2007-2008          
  Clarence Richardson clarence_richard@hotmail.com 1604 Jacksonville FL Navy
  George Ridley geonin@swbell.net 448 Ferguson MO Navy
  Gary Rieg garyrieg@msn.com 1534 Albuquerque NM Air Force
  Commissaire Intendant / Correspondant Locale 1534        
  Terry Riggins tlriggins@comcast.net 510 Anderson IN Army
  Richard Rigsby r1rigsby@comcast.net 1481 Seymour IN Army
  Michael Robberstad paparobb50@msn.com 153 Salem  OR Navy
  Harold "Gene" Robbins hgrobb@gulftel.com 719 Robertsdale GA Army
  Wanted to see if old friends grande du Germany 1972 - 1975 have e-mail addresses      
  Michael W. Roach MikeRoach@netcommander.com 1584 Westlake LA Navy
  Chef de Gare Passe Voiture 392.  Chef de Gare Voiture 1584 in 1987, 1991, 2003, 2004, 2005    
  Kenneth Roberts kenbob@cmsinter.net 1420 Carson City MI Navy
  Tom Roberts tomrgalvtx@hotmail.com 1502 Noblesville IN Army
  "Displaced Hoosier on Galveston Island TX"        
  Clinton Robson hrobson388@aol.com 1080 Appleton WI Army
  Mary-Ann Roczynski roczynsm@sbcglobal.net 370 East Hartford CT Army
  Ron Rolfes rolfesr@hotmail.com 1546 New Port Richey, FL    GER Air Force
  Grand Chef de Gare Passe '99          
  John Rolke ROLGAI@AOL.COM 105 Amelia OH Air Force
  Aide De Camp of Conductor Du Ohio  Proud to be a 40&8er        
  Jose  Romeu romeuja@gmail.com 199 Tampa FL Army
  Shelli Romeu shelli.romeu@gmail.com 1634 Zephyrhills FL Army
  Marland Ronning marlandr@yahoo.com 1281 Maple Grove MN Army
  Terrence Rooney tjrooney1122@aol.com 92 Utica NY Navy
  Directeur Nurses Training          
  Chip Rosan chip_40et8@verizon.net 244 Dover DE Army
  Grande and Locale Correspondant          
  Philip Rosenberger prosenberger@ameritech.net 746 Jackson MI Army
  Have over 50 yrs of fun in it          
  Henry Rosenzweig hrosenwe@nycap.rr.com 348 Albany NY Army
  Bruce Ross Bruce@kuwiskuwi.net 2000 Tahlequah   Air Force
  Grand Chef de Gare, 1994          
  Delos Rowlee rowleedel@gmail.com 895 Oswego NY Army
  James Rubner jrubner119@comcast.net 1310 Crawfordsville IN Navy
  Charlie Ruge rugec@hotmail.com 987 Sierra Vista AZ Army
  Raymond Rumley rumley@verizon.net 1466 Apache Junction AZ Air Force
  Carrie Russell boconut@aol.com 982 Winston-Salem    
  John E Russell Sr idtentguy@yahoo.com 1012 hazel green AL Army
  WWII Army: Recall Korea Air Force          
  Robert  Ryan rpryan73@gmail.com 378 Oglesby IL Navy
  Member at Large