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  Jack Wade bwade2@comcast.net 499 Loganville GA Army
  Stephen Wademan SWademan@rocketmail.com 1015 Nebraska City NE Army
  George H. Wagner GKWAGNER34@aol.com 36 Yucaipa CA Air Force
  Retired Army & Air Force 30 years 4 months 10 days        
  Michael Wagoner michael.f.wagoner@us.army.mil 480 La Crosse WI Army
  Past Chef de Gare            
  Stephen Wagner Mycolt92@aol.com 812 Canton IL Air Force
  Grande Chef De Gare 1993   Commander Legion Post 16 1999   379th Bomb Group   525th squadron   England   8th army  
  Andrew Wahl andyw@peoplepc.com 944 Cooperstown NY Air Force
  Robert Waite rwwaite@tir.com 225 Redford MI Navy
  Johnny Walker walkerredorblack@cfl.rr.com 954 Cocoa FL Army
  National Directeur Special Awards          
  D. Reah Wallace reahwallace@chesco.com 42 HoneyBrook PA Army
  "Chaplin , Post 865 Chistiana , Pa. Help , want to pay my 1999 dues , have no contact with my Locale !!! They have fallen on hard times .!! Hope everyone that reads this joins a Honor Guard, hard to explain how much this means to the familys of our falle
  Robert Wallace wallace216@msn.com 9 York PA Army
  Terry Wallen wallentr@worldnet.att.net 140 Fairborn OH Air Force
  William L. Waller mkwaller@netzero.net 29 Cincinnati OH Army
  Richard Walsh walsh@charleston.net 974 Charleston SC Navy
  "good looking home site, just used e-mail to report membership"        
  Howard G. Walter howalt@knology.net 1067 Goose Creek SC Army
  Darlene Walton djwalton26@gmail.com 1211 Cayce   Army
  Dan Warmack warmack@bellsouth.net 1515 Augusta GA Marines
  Grand Correspondant          
  Chef de Gare, Grand Cheminot Region 14          
  Kit Watson kitd@alltel.net 1020 Carmichaels PA Air Force
  Great site, one of the futures of our organization        
  Philip Watson liven4fun2@yahoo.com 850 Indiana IN Air Force
  Robert Watts bobjw134638@yahoo.com 534 Batavia NY Army
  Kit Watson kit@pa-legion.com 1020 Enola PA Air Force
  Roger Watson rlw1183@verizon.net 37 Fort Wayne IN Air Force
  Bruce Wauters bruce.wauters@asu.edu 1466 Scottsdale AZ Navy
  Retired Chief Aerographers Mate          
  James Weaver coloneljames@att.net   Corinth MS Army
  John Weaver Lockpicker10@aol.com 1569 Stafford VA Army
  David Webb daveandkaren100@yahoo.com 669 Oscada MI Army
  Kendall Webb Kenwebb@roadrunner.com 527 Fullerton   Navy
  David Webster dwebster@mtaonline.net 816 Wasilla AK Air Force
  William Weese Wweese01@aol.com 1242 Coshocton OH Navy
  Locale 1242 Correspondant          
  Dave Wegener dcwegs@sbcglobal.net 898 West Allis WI Navy
  Grand Chef Passe & Past State Commander        
  Bill Wells trikertaz@embarqmail.com 915 Hickory NC Army
  Frank Wells FRW408@AOL.COM 153 Salem OR Navy
  Grand Garde de la  Porte          
  Kyle Wells biggamblers@sbcglobal.net 1540 Midwest City OK Air Force
  Grand Chef De Gare Passe'          
  L. Douglas Werder werder@bigfoot.com 120 St. Clair MI Air Force
  Retired Air Force            
  Jack Wessel indianagator@earthlink.net 890 "Nineveh, IN" FL Navy
  Chef Passe Voiture 890 Gran Du Florida          
  Lynn West lynnwest@aol.com   Biloxi MS Air Force
  Raymond West raymond.west@comcast.net 354 Topsham ME Navy
  Sous Chef de Chemin de Fer 2009          
  William "Bill" West rodeowest2002@yahoo.com 1524 Austin GY Army
  Byron Weston imbigb38@msn.com 1466 Sun Lakes AZ Army
  Chef de Gare 2011-2012, Grand Aumonier 2011-2012        
  Reginald Wheeler wheeler5254@yahoo.com 1448 Moorehead KY Air Force
  Grand Chef de Train, Chef de Gare passe          
  Steven Wheelock swheelock@aol.com 213 Grove  OK Navy
  Grand Chef de Train, Grand Director of Ritual        
  Bob White drwhite@nowonline.net 11 North Royalton OH Air Force
  Grande Du OH - Directeur Trophies & Awards        
  William White BillDel@worldnet.att.net 47 Glendale CA Navy
  Donald E White Jr Donald.white1@verizon.net 244 Dover DE Air Force
  Past Sous Directeur Public Relations          
  Edward R. Whithney whitneyer@aol.com 228 Morris County NJ Marines
  Working Together for all Veterans          
  Franklin Whittle fhws33@aol.com 1025 Columbia SC Air Force
  Cullen Widener cbw3099@yahoo.com 980 Willis   Army
  Bill Wiessner he-wiessner@t-online.de 1524 Stuttgart GE Army
  Fred Wildi fwildi_2000@yahoo.com 1524 Stuttgart GE Air Force
  Kevin Wilkinson kswilki6512@yahoo.com 316 North Bend OR Coast Gaurd
  James Willem 2james@bellsouth.net 1604 Jacksonville FL Navy
  Tom Willems twillems86@yahoo.com 129 Garretson SD Army
  Mark Williams williams.marka@yahoo.com 499 Loganville GA Army
  Richard A. Williams stomper70s@cox.net 547 Astoria MI Army
  Richard Williams rgw40and8@yahoo.com 594 Marshall IL Marine Corps
  Rick Williams voiture735_tn@charter.net 735 Cleveland TN Marine Corps
  Commissaire Intendant   Welcome to the Hillbilly Wreck        
  Robert Eugene Williams genewilliams103@aol.com 510 Punta Gorda FL Navy
  Ron Williams usnret181@hotmail.com 1569 Springfield VA Navy
  Fletcher Williams fletcher.williams@cox.net 1490 Crestview FL Air Force
  Mark Williams williams.marka@yahoo.com 1226 Lexington GA Army
  Grand Commis Voyageur du Georgia 2010 - 2011        
  Larry Williamson railroad42@hotmail.com 631 Plainfield IA Navy
  Glenn Willis gwillis5287@gmail.com 1159 Two Rivers AK Air Force
  Grant Willis willis.grant@sbcglobal.net 448 Ferguson MO Army
  Grande Chef de Gare passe 2008, Sous Chef de Chemin de Fer 2014        
  George Willis ghenrywillis@yahoo.com 930 Wilson NC Navy
  Chef de Gare Locale, Grande Dir. Americanism, Grande Dir. Carville Star, Grande Cheminot, Nationale Committeman Carville Star, Retired HMCM, served approx. 15 yrs. w/Marines during 30 yr. career
  Arthur Wilson awilson725@charter.net 448 St. Louis MO Navy
  Grand Chef de Gare Passe          
  Herb Wilson herbaby@vistanet.net 863 Lake Placid FL Army
  Jay  Wilson cmsgt55@gmail.com 1569 Lorton VA Air Force
  Grand Chef 2016-2017          
  Michael Wilson wilsonmick@aol.com 99 Milwaukie OR Marine Corps
  Robert Wilson wilsonsipzip@fuse.net 105 Batavia OH Army
  Walter Winter waltv147@bendbroadband.com 147 Redmond OR Army
  Robert Wipf wipfbc@gmail.com 751 Winnebago County WI Navy
  John Wiseman jwiseman3@aol.com 954 Orlando FL Army
  Jeff Wisley jeffwisley@yahoo.com 395 Salano CA Air Force
  Richard Witschen dickawit@aol.com 415 St. Cloud MN Marine Corps
  Michael S. Wood CarBlueheaven@aol.com 217 Atlanta GA Marine Corps
  Chef de Chemin de Fer 2015   Semper Fi          
  R.F. "Butch" Woodruff CMDRBUTCH@NETSCAPE.NET 499 Covington GA Army
  Thomas Woodward 408voiture622@gmail.com 622 Yuma AZ Army
  Grande Directeur Public Relations, Chef de Gare VL-622        
  Edward Wooldridge eddiebugjr@verizon.net 53 Midlothian   Navy
  Floyd Wolf Woolf40an8@aol.com 925 Alliance OH Air Force
  Sous National Organizer/Membership 99-00          
  Russel D. Wolfe rdwskwsept@comcast.net 510 Anderson IN Army
  Corney Wright cwright84@tampabay.rr.com 1219 Crystal River FL Air Force
  Larry Ximinez Larryranger621@aol.com 364 Lafayette IN Army
  Phil Yasson pyasson@pacifier.com 99 Vancouver WA Navy
  Frank Young Frank-Young1@juno.com 155 Frederick MD Army
  Past Grande Chef Du Germany 1975, Presently in Grande Du Maryland        
  Merle Young myoung421@epix.net 100 Towanda PA Army
  Web page that I have is {www.willwen.com/bcv} check it out        
  Rodger Young ryoung2002@aol.com 290 West Palm Beach FL Army
  Rolland Young bifferoy13@aol.com 1519 Greendale WI Navy
  Mel Zacko mzacko@cox.net 1466 Mesa AZ Air Force
  Grand Correspondant          
  Leticia Zilberman Zilberman@yahoo.com 1496 Avon-by-the-Sea NJ Army
  Russ Zingelman mrrhz@aol.com 523 Lakewood CO Army
  Daniel T. Zmroczek zmroc1@yahoo.com 1185 Euless TX Army
  Grand Chef de Train 2004-2007, Grand Directeur Child Welfare 2000-2010, Chef de Gare 2004-2011