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40&8 Veterans to hold National Convention in Overland Park Sept. 5-8, 2007

INDIANAPOLIS  August 03, 2007   The national headquarters of the Forty & Eight veterans organization announces its 88th Promenade Nationale (national convention) will be held at the Overland Park Convention Center, in Overland Park, Kansas,  September 5 through 8, 2007.

The organization's national commander, Chef de Chemin de Fer Terry Sims, cordially invites the news Media to attend the national convention in Overland Park.

"The World War One doughboys who founded this honor society of wartime veterans not only set us on a long road of charitable efforts, but they also grasped the importance of a robust Press in our free society", said Sims.

"Back in 1920, among our very first acts, the Forty & Eight established a Child Welfare program and advertised it via a well publicized cross country ride in a rented boxcar", said Sims.  "Our many charitable programs today, such as Nurse's Training, continue to bring a happy helping hand those who need help."

Convention activities will include a "locomotive" roundup/parade, a colorful party for disadvantaged area children, recognition of the 2007 "Americanism" and "Law Enforcement Officer of the Year" award recipients, a banquet and other activities related to our various charitable programs.

Women join the 88 year old Forty & Eight!  The Forty & Eight was America's only remaining all-male veterans fraternity until last year when women members of The American Legion were, by convention floor vote, allowed entry into the 88 year old Forty & Eight honor society.  The majority opinion was that the increased role of women in the U. S. military, and the risks they endure in combat, have grown significantly from the all-male troops of W.W.I. to today's male and female combat veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan. --- The 2007 Promenade National in Overland Park, Kansas, will be the first national convention of the Forty & Eight to include women veterans as convention delegates. 

For questions regarding the Overland Park Forty & Eight convention, September 5 - 8, 2007, please contact Mr. Bill Christesen of Overland Park at 913-362-2348.

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