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 Wisconsin Veteran Named New 40&8 National Commander


INDIANAPOLIS Oct 2015   The national Forty & Eight veterans organization is pleased to announce Donald Emley of Antigo, Wisconsin, was elected Chef de Chemin de Fer, or national commander, of the Forty & Eight at its 96th annual national convention, on September 19, 2015, in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Emley served in the U. S. Marine Corps and is a retired Chief of Police after 38 years in law enforcement.  He also served as Deputy Conservation Warden for the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. 

Chef de Chemin de Fer Emley has been a member of the Forty & Eight since 1991 and has held leadership positions at local, state and national levels; including Wisconsin State Commander and Sous Chef de Chemin de Fer. Don and his wife Faye live in Antigo.

The Forty & Eight is a charitable honor society of American veterans since 1920.  Its official name is La Societe des Quarante Hommes Et Huit Chevaux, derived from the French railway experience of American troops in the First World War.  Its programs include Nurses Training, Child Welfare, Carville Hansens Disease Center support, and VA Voluntary Service programs. 

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