Correspondant's Corner 


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I had the chance last week to inspect the Double Tree Resort in Myrtle Beach, SC where our 100th Promenade & 56th Rendezvous Nationale will be held September 10-14, 2019. This facility is excellent in all categories. Dave Hill and the Convention Corporation should be congratulated for their diligent work putting this 100th Anniversary Promenade together. All rooms have a beautiful view of the ocean. Another plus factor is all meeting rooms are in a consolidated area where hardly any travel is needed for attending multiple meetings. The corporation will have four golf carts and two vans that will take you where you wish to go. Our members that may need handicapped equipment there is a listing of businesses on our 40/8 website that you may rent scooters or other equipment if necessary. The Early Bird Party will be held outside in a grassy yard with a view of the ocean. I have given you only a few of the attractions that you will enjoy. COME AND JOIN US IN MYRTLE BEACH FOR YOUR 100TH ANNIVERSARY OF LA SOCIETE.

The Frank Martin Memorial “Walk” shirts have arrived at Voiture Nationale. Randy Page our Walk Directeur and myself will be transporting them to events that we will be attending or you may purchase them on the website. There are two colors this year, red & blue. Terri Taylor, our retired office secretary had the lowest price and they look very nice. Also, they come with a pocket, which many Voyageurs & Dames have been wanting for several years. If you contact Randy or myself with your size and color and we will be attending a function that you are attending, we’ll save you the shipping charge. The shirts are $20. The red & blue is really outstanding.