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(VAVS) Veterans Affairs Voluntary Service

The Forty & Eight, as are most Veterans Organizations, is an active member and participant in the VAVS program.  As part of this program, Voyageurs (called Representatives or Deputy Representatives) represent the Forty and Eight by regularly attending the VAVS Committee meetings at their Local Veteran Administration Medical Centers (VAMC’s). They as well as other Voyageur Volunteers visit the VAMC’s on a regular basis, where they give comfort and assistance to, or just visit with, the hospitalized veterans. VAVS Volunteers are a priceless asset to the Nation’s Veterans and to the Department of Veterans Affairs.   

The Forty & Eight has adopted an additional program for these veterans, called "Keep Those Wheelchairs Rolling."  Under this program, the VAVS Representative (or Deputy Representative) writes a brief letter outlining a "need" of the patients.  These "needs" may cover a project, equipment or comfort and convenience items needed by the hospitalized veterans.  The entries are then judged on the need and benefit to the patients, and those selected receive the item(s) requested, courtesy of the National Box Car Association.





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