National Past Chef de Gare Club




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 National Past Chef De Gare Club exists to:

   ---honor, through membership, those Voyageurs who have served their Voiture Locale and/or Grande Voiture as Chef de Gare.

   ---directly support the Forty & Eighter Magazine with a $10,000.00 per year donation derived from membership dues, memorial donations, gifts and other special fund raising projects that the club may undertake.

   ---increase comradery between club members who share common bonds, and who are "Etiam Servans". (Still Serving).

   *Eligibility - Any Voyageur who has, or is currently served honorably as Chef de Gare.


To submit your membership application on-line click Here.

To print the membership application form click Here

To print the Paid for Life Membership application form click Here. Please mail all forms to Voiture Nationale, Attn: Holly Claunch, 250 E 38th Street, Indianapolis, IN, 46205.

For additional information on the National Past Chefs Club, contact:

National Secretary

Tom Orval, 312 Hillside Circle, Johnson Creek, WI 53038  (920) 699-5676 



Voiture Nationale

Attn: Holly Claunch, 250 E 38th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46205  (317) 634-1804 



Click Here to View or Print the Past Chef de Gare Club Annual Promenade Nationale Breakfast form.